We Really Can Do Something About The Weather!


In the News (from The New Scientist):North Atlantic is world’s ‘climate superpower‘” Today’s climate is changing most dramatically in the far North Atlantic, with record warming and ice loss in recent years. If the climate’s “tipping point” resides in these waters, then nature’s synchronized chaos could unleash unexpectedly sudden and severe consequences.

My Comments: Weather is controllable. It is a negative reaction that reflects our non conformance with the Common Nature – the Creator and His law of balance.  The law of balance means that we are to be equivalent to Him on all levels of our existence, expressed by such behaviors as consumption of only the necessities and in aspiring to benevolent connection between us as well as the surrounding Nature. Finally, we will wise up after having experienced the myriad of troubles coming our way, reaching an understanding that this is the Creator’s intelligent treatment of us – and we will then unwillingly correct ourselves.

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