What Is The Soul?

the20sourceA question I received: You claim that our souls determine the state of the world, which presumes that we have great wisdom and experience. On the other hand, you say that we are like animals and that there’s nothing left of us after our bodies die. What does that say about our wise soul which determines its future incarnations?

My Answer: The soul is the property of bestowal. If you have acquired this quality through the study of Kabbalah in this life, then you have a soul, and you feel your eternal existence through it. But if you haven’t acquired it, you will have to return to this world to do it.

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  1. Hi Michael,

    This raised me a question:

    Does this really mean that anybody with another belief or values system will never aquire a soul just because he or she haven’t studied Kabbalah?
    Maybe there’s something essential I’m not understanding about Kabbalah.

    I’ll apreciate your answer sincerely.

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