We Can Stop Cheating Each Other By Building A Pipeline For The Light

pipeA question I received: If my egoism has become global, does that mean I depend on everyone else?

My Answer: Your dependence on others means that if you don’t act for the sake of benefiting everyone, you will never succeed. Suppose I am a taxi driver. I pick up a passenger, drive him to wherever he needs to go, overcharge him twice the actual amount he owes me, conceal this money from the tax collectors and put it straight into my pocket. It’s all mine! But in the end, I see that somehow I don’t get to keep any of this money! I don’t know where it all went or why, but that’s just what happens.

Suddenly, I’m surrounded with problems: the bank cheated me, something’s not going right with the wife and the kids, my health is deteriorating, and everything else is going wrong. I’m faced with a thousand different problems and misfortunes. Whatever I do, and no matter how much money passes through my hands, none of it is any good.

Thus, people must understand that by continuing to act the way they do, they are simply killing themselves. And it’s not easy to explain to people that no matter what they do, they must always consider everyone else as well. This is so because we’ve entered a whole new world, where we cannot keep cheating the way we used to cheat the tax authorities or the taxi passengers, in the above example. We will then see that what we have to cheat are our egoistic bodies, because they don’t allow us to act in consideration of others.

Can you imagine what an enormous transition we must all go through? It can only be done by means of education, which will explain that we’re living in a new world and must abide by this new law. And if we don’t, we condemn ourselves, our families, our relatives and the entire world to suffering.

Therefore, society must begin to create these education systems. They may appear as mere education systems, meant to explain these concepts, but in fact, they will be connected to the Light – the only force that is able to correct our desires. It is our uncorrected desires that continually make us go back to our old ways, tricking us to act this way even when we want to be different already, to bestow to others. In order to correct these desires, we need a methodology that is connected to the Light and that will allow us to channel this Light toward us. It’s like laying a pipeline that enables electricity to get to the consumers, to reach into every home.

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