Choosing The Right Environment Is Our Only Choice


Two questions I received on work in the group:

Question: You said we should feel inspired by the group even when we know this inspiration is artificial. Could you clarify?

My Answer: Because a person is a created being, his essence is the general will to receive pleasure. One’s environment tells him what he should be feeling pleasure from, and the environment transmits this influence onto a person through education and advertisement. These create a value system inside the person.

This is why our only freedom of will lies in choosing what environment will tell us what we must enjoy in this life. The enjoyment can be of two types:

1. Of this world, where one desires to attain things in this world
2. Of the Upper World, where one desires to reveal the Light and become fulfilled by It

You decide which is right for you. (For more on this, see Item 4 of “Introduction to Talmud Eser Sefirot.”)

Question: Do I have the right to demand from the group a display of the importance of the goal, or is the group there for me to display the importance of the goal to them?

My Answer: You can demand it, but this relationship has to be mutual!

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