Why Is Marx So In Demand?

angryIn the News (from STV):Global crisis sends east Germans flocking to Marx” Marx’s 1867 critical analysis of capitalism, “Das Kapital,” has risen from the publishing graveyard to become an improbable best-seller for academic publisher Karl-Dietz-Verlag. “Everyone thought there would never ever again be any demand for ‘Das Kapital’,” managing director Joern Schuetrumpf told Reuters after selling 1,500 copies so far this year, triple the number sold in all of 2007.

My Comment: Everything Marx wrote was based on Kabbalah, but he was misunderstood. See what Baal HaSulam writes about him in the newspaper, “The Nation.”  Basically, everything is happening according to Marx. But he can only be understood once people begin to understand the basic concepts of Kabbalah.

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