The True Origin Of Religions

foundationTwo questions I received on how religions emerged from Kabbalah:

Question: Where is the proof that all the religions developed from Kabbalah? Are there any sources confirming this, other than Kabbalistic ones?

My Answer: This is a historical fact – read any of the books comprising the Torah, The Book of Zohar, and so on. Religions emerged 2000 years ago, as a consequence of the Jews’ descent from the level of Kabbalah – the level of bestowal and love. Their fall from that level led to the destruction of the Temple and the emergence of the Jewish religion, which came to replace knowledge, attainment, a perception of the Creator and a connection with Him.

Instead, in religion, people believe in something without actually perceiving the things they believe in. Because of this, other interpretations of the same religion later emerged – since no one sees anything clearly and people just presume things! This is how the other religions came about, although they describe themselves as new religions or new revelations.

However, before all of this began, the Jews perceived the One Governing Force of Nature – the Creator. This is what they described in all their holy books, such as the Mishna, the Talmud, The Book of Zohar, the Tanakh, and others.

Question: In one of your articles, you wrote that after the Jews were exiled from Israel, Christianity, brought there by Greeks and Romans, became dominant in the whole world. You also emphasized that they are not religions. If they are not religions, what are they?

My Answer: I don’t think you understood my article correctly. The three main religions – Judaism, Christinity, and Islam – are, in fact, religions. However, Christianity did not emerge from Romans or Greeks. It emerged in Israel, among the Jews, after the destruction of the Temple, and was later dispersed throughout the world.

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  1. I arrived here via christianity. I find Kabbalah in complete agreement with what has been revealed to me in the layers of the new testament. I see Jesus’s life as symbolic of what happens within those of us who follow the way. I see the same over and over in the old testament as well, the way of Abraham. The way of Shem.
    Jesus the man was not the savior, but the spirit in him, the same spirit that can be revealed in each of us through Kabbalah, in fact I will go one further. I find that due to the layers of the new testament, I have unknowingly been practicing Kabbalah for years and have now arrived at Bnie Baruch to sharpen my focus on the roots. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

  2. I agree completely. I was raised catholic and now that I study Kabbalah, I have a completely different perception of Catholicism and Jesus teachings.
    I find that Jesus teachings are mainly Kabalistic in nature and what developed 300 years after his death ( catholicism), was made by men and not by God.
    I even think that had Jesus lived to see that, he would have personally changed it all back to its essence.

  3. As a fellow Christian and student of Kabbalah I am in large part in agreement with Guillermo and Jeff above. I recall in some readings that Rav. Laitman refered to earlier Christians who had also studied Kabbalah or had actually been Kabbalists? Did any Christian Kabbalists produce any written material you could refer us to?

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