The Spiritual Meaning Of Names And Titles

titlesA question I received: In one of your books, you wrote that Moses (Moshe in Hebrew) comes from the word Moshech – to pull out. However, the word Moshe ends with the letter Hey, and the word Moshech ends with the letter Kaf. So from the linguistic point of view, the roots don’t quite match.

My Answer: His name was given to him by Batia, Pharaoh’s daughter, who found him in the Nile river and pulled him out of it. This is why she named him Moshe. It says so in the Bible. However, there are also other, additional meanings to the names. In essence, they refer to a person’s actions and predestination.

Baal HaSulam writes, “The mountain of olives (Har HaZeitim) may have been named by regular people, rather than Kabbalists, who saw that this mountain is good for cultivating a plantation of olive trees. But this name also corresponds to the inner, spiritual meaning of the place, and the reason for this is that all of nature is revealed in such a way that people speak and act without understanding what governs them.”

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  1. Dear Rav. I am a woman studying for several years and work with others in dissemination. My husband doesn’t study but supports me in a weird way in mine. Even though he never studied or heard a lesson I get the impression that the Creator or even you speaks to me through him using words and phrases I have heard from the study. Nature makes him be the husband that brings me the spiritual light even though he seems unaware of it. At other times He speaks like the voice of advanced cancer and I can just feel the shriveling of things all around. I don’t fight my husband out loud when the insanity turns on because it is useless. I tend to be completely outside of the scene and still feel it is the Creator and that the reason this happens is so that I will throw more into the soup by means of a better prayer. Sometimes he yells at me, “why don’t you fight me…or DO something against me?” How does a woman appropriately respond to this? I don’t want to leave my husband or fight him. I want him to be ZA. I don’t feel I can DO anything other than serve him as though he is ZA and study and disseminate. Is something missing in my effort?

  2. what is the spiritual meaning of this name and the meaning
    thanks .

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