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Correction Happens Only Through The Light One Receives During The Study Of Kabbalah

how-can-singularity-be-transformed-without-changingQuestions I received about the study of Kabbalah:

Question: Most people don’t understand what Kabbalah is talking about. So maybe we should bring Kabbalah to them in a simpler form? What is the best way to approach this? My own experience shows that only systematic study can give you the right understanding of the material.

My Answer: You are right. In the end, after all our efforts, only the Light corrects us and gives us the understanding and perception of a new world. In order for this to happen, you have to be persistent, persevering on the path and going in the right direction. This is something that comes from the group or the environment. So, the bottom line is: you need a teacher, books, a group – and patience!

Question: You know, you were right – a Kabbalah student experiences feelings he never dreamed of. As he counters his egoism, the happiness felt by his friends (brothers) gives him immeasurable happiness, and then you think, “Who could have imagined a world that isn’t filled with the Creator?” I am very grateful. Thank you.

My Answer: I am glad that you are beginning to attain Nature.

Question: Is it possible to balance reason and the heart?

My Answer: The study, which evokes the Upper Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif) to the necessary measure, causes one’s reason and desire to grow. But we are talking about the reason and the desire that belong to the Upper World, where you can perceive the Creator.

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Our Connection Speeds Up Our Development By Seven Billion To The Seven Billionth Power

the-goal-of-creation-is-perfect-fulfillmentWe are living in a generation when our interconnection is being revealed, although we don’t understand this yet. In previous generations, this connection was not openly expressed. But today we are connected through the Internet and the international radio and television networks. We exchange information through these channels and are aware of all the news in the world.

The events taking place in one part of the world affect the other parts because of the speed with which information and rumors are spread through the various networks. There are also different networks of power. When something happens in one part of the world, someone either gains or loses, whether in sales and money, industry, commerce or economics.

We depend on each other. We are bound together by a common net, which is now being revealed as an obvious fact. Humanity is making this discovery today. We are revealing our connection on the level of thoughts and desires, and we are finding ourselves in a situation we cannot escape or ignore. Every day will reveal more things in the world which will be completely new. We will see how when people in South America are thinking about something, then the next day people in Europe will think about the same thing, and the next day – in Asia.

First it reaches you as a strange, obscure thought, and then it becomes your own thought. Your former desire fades and a new desire emerges. Great changes will occur literally from one day to the next, or even quicker. And that’s because the world is completely intermixed, which was not the case before.

This makes progress happen at a completely different speed. The speed of our development is not linear or even exponential, but is rocketing upward. It grows exponentially because it is multiplied by the number of people in the world and the number of connections between them. And each person in turn multiplies it again by his connection and dependence on others. Hence, this multiplication, which happens over and over again, makes our development happen faster by seven billion to the seven billionth power.

(From the lesson on Rabash’s article, “The Activity of the Greatest of the Nation” on 03.17.09)

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New Virtual Kabbalah Bookstore

Announcing: A new virtual Kabbalah bookstore!


Special thanks to Eugene Gussman and Uri Laitman
for creating the new bookstore!

An Open Letter To The Leaders Of The G20

Dr. Michael LaitmanAn open letter to the leaders of the G20 in anticipation of their meeting in London on April 2nd

Dear leaders of the G20,

My name is Michael Laitman, I am a professor of Ontology, a PhD in philosophy and Kabbalah, and an MSc in medical bio-cybernetics. I am founder and president of Bnei Baruch, an Israel based international organization with branches all over North America and Canada, Central and South America, and Europe (east and west). On my website,, I teach free, live daily lessons on Kabbalah and spirituality to an audience of approximately two million people worldwide, simultaneously broadcast and translated into 7 languages: English, Spanish, Hebrew, Russian, French, Turkish, and German. I also own Channel 66 on Israel’s Satellite TV provider, YES.

I write to you in sincere concern for the future of the world. The reason I am addressing you is my conviction that you are the only ones who can lead the world to safety, where all people, regardless of religion, race, sex, or nationality can lead a life of peace, health, and sufficiency.

I would like to begin by expressing my deepest respect and admiration for the initiatives you are employing on the national and international level to resolve the multidimensional crisis afflicting us today. As you often state in your speeches, the uniqueness of this crisis lays in its globality. Hence, a global solution is required. Yet, before I present my suggestion for a resolution, I would like to briefly explain what is causing the crisis.

The root of the crisis – the global ego

If we analyze human history, it is evident that humanity has been progressing by the power of the egotistical desire that has grown within us through the ages. As these desires grew, we have developed increasingly sophisticated ways to satisfy them.

However, in the 21st century, the laws of the game have changed. We have shifted from personal development to an integrated system, in which all parts are interdependent. The ego, which has been our motivating force, has become a global ego, connecting all of us in a vicious circle. From the moment we have become a global and integrated system, like any other closed system in nature, our strength and sustainability have become dependent on the mutual responsibility of all members of humanity.

A problem arose: Whilst our relationships have become interconnected, we are still trying to conduct ourselves egotistically, hence the crisis.

The Resolution—Education

The closed system of civilization compels us to recognize the importance of conscious participation of all the citizens of the world. Our interdependency necessitates that we all understand this system and conduct ourselves in consideration of others.

Hence, the solution to the crisis includes a shift of consciousness among all the people in the world. Each person must recognize that, in the global and integrated system of our global village, one’s fate depends on one’s attitude toward others.

Just as we have established an education system that prepares our children for life, we must now establish a global system that explains how people should lead their lives in the new, global world – adhering to the principle, “love thy neighbor as thyself,” shared by all religions. When we begin to establish such a system, we will immediately feel that society’s healing process has begun, since awareness of the laws of the new world will have people relating to each other in an entirely new manner – that of care.

We need not rebuild the economic and political systems, since all other systems will adjust themselves according to our perception of our interconnectedness.

We are faced with a multifaceted, global crisis. Hence, it is global education that we need, to properly respond to the various specific crises.

The Work Plan

Since people are overwhelmingly affected by public opinion, to shift their awareness toward a constructive frame of mind, we must use the power of society to build a new value-system.

With this in mind, I propose taking the steps outlined below:

  • Establish an international apolitical education center that will assemble the renowned scientists in hard sciences and political science from the world over. These experts will develop a variety of explanatory content about the new phase of our world, and will collaborate with the media in circulating their views.
  • Build a task force that will promote plans that enhance social awareness in the global era.
  • Determine that each media outlet will produce programs that inform people of our interconnectedness, at least 30 minutes of which on primetime on a daily basis.
  • Notify each big advertiser that if its commercial has any negative effect on society, it will not be aired on public TV and radio.
  • Additionally, we should start a government-supported campaign that provides eye-opening information of the depth of our interconnectedness.
  • Oblige every school to include in its curriculum references to the newly discovered rules that have been discovered in human society. Alongside that, there should be a daily hour in which students discuss the human relations that should prevail in the global era.
  • Award grants and other financial benefits to works in literature, art, theatre, cinema, and journalism, only by the amount of benefit they bring to society.

You are the leaders of the greatest countries, which can lead the establishment of the global education system that the world so desperately needs today. By so doing, these countries will not only demonstrate their care for humanity, but will also lead it forward.

Sincerely yours,

Michael Laitman

Life Is Pushing Us Into A Higher Dimension

laitman_2009-03_4086Something is happening to us that has never happened before: we are developing in a completely new way. In the past, each person developed individually, but today the development is general, occurring as a result of our mutual influence on one another. This is why we are unable to control it in any way! Our egoism, which acts as a barrier between us, does not have any instruments that we can use to sustain it within a system that is absolutely integral.

This would be like forcing an animal to participate in the work of an intelligent system. An animal is incapable of perceiving the higher level of development that suddenly appears before it.

We, too, are looking at the network of connections between people today and we still don’t realize that it is a system of a higher dimension, situated above us. This system belongs to divinity, and everyone within it is absolutely connected to everyone else. Meanwhile, you are unable to understand it, participate in it, and act according to its laws. Therefore, you are left wandering, like a wooden chip in a stormy sea, feeling that you are being thrown from side to side, from one situation to another, and you lack the power to understand what is happening. You are unable to go with the flow of this system, which is a system of forces and universal, mutual connections.

In a few months or half a year, the whole world will look like a stormy sea of thoughts and desires which explodes in one place and then another. However, in reality nothing explodes. It’s as though you bring someone to a factory and he sees all kinds of gears spinning around in confusion and making a rumble. But if a professional comes into the factory, he immediately understands that everything is working perfectly, according to the right program. This is because he understands the system and its laws.

It’s the same with us. However, even the simplest person today has a method that allows him to become part of the system. This is the method of Kabbalah, which reveals the Creator to the creatures.

The network of forces that acts amongst us is now being revealed to us in a negative form, from the opposite side. But using our attitude to it, we can turn it around to face us. This depends on us. This does not mean that we should turn the Creator around. Instead, we should turn ourselves around, from reception to bestowal. Then we will sail wonderfully along the current.

(From the lesson on Rabash’s article,“The Activity of the Greatest of the Nation” on 03.17.2009)

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Bruce Lipton, “We Are One Whole”

The famous American biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton said, “We will not become humanity until we realize that we are one whole, that all people should unite.”


The main ideas discussed are:
1. People are the cells of a large society, which unite in order to share their knowledge and create a single living organism – humanity. We are not human beings until we create the humanity. However, we will only create humanity when we understand that we are all cells of one living organism and we must work harmoniously. Then we will create the next level of evolution.

2. The internet is an evolutionary stage, a system of communication enabling all the “cells” of the body of humanity to communicate with each other and exchange information. This is why we have become united.

3. A human being is in fact a replication of a cell. The essence is quite simple: Irrespective of how complex a person is, there are no new human functions present in him which are not present in a single cell. A human being is a replication of a cell.

4. A community of people is a multi-celled structure which comes into agreement and creates unity, like one cell. This constitutes the community’s self-actualization. Once humanity will be complete, then the earth, as an organism, will complete its evolution. We will then achieve unity.

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New Kabbalah Blog In Portuguese

A new Portuguese language blog about Kabbalah has been created:


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Things Will Keep Getting Worse Until People Realize Why

why-do-we-see-such-a-diverse-world2Questions I received about the effects of the crisis:

Question: When you talk about what is going to happen in the future, do you have actual knowledge of the future, or do you mean that there are no specific events that will take place and that “things will just keep getting worse until people realize why”?

My Answer: You’ve pinned it down: “things will keep getting worse until people realize why.”

Question: Is there a possible to arrange studies of the laws of nature for employees at a private business? I run an office of 20 people. I watch your lessons and study since 2007, and am interested in doing this.

My Answer: It’s a must. Try to set up it yourself. We will provide our advice and materials whenever you’ll ask for them.

Question: The crisis has affected my small-town life, requiring me to relocate to a large city. How does a Kabbalist make such decisions? How does he weigh the factors of money, company, environment, friends, and so on?

My Answer: According to the environment.

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Can April 8, 2009 Be The Day Of The Coming Of The Messiah?

this1In the News (translated from On April 8, 2009 (the 14th of Nissan, 5769 by the Jewish calendar), three events will coincide in one day:

1. The beginning of the Jewish holiday of Passover

2. The beginning of the Jewish Lunar calendar

3. The beginning of the Jewish Solar calendar

2 and 3 coincide once in 28 years, when the sun gets back into the same position as on the day of creation.

1,2, and 3 coincided for the first time on the day of creation, 5769 years ago, the second time – on the day of the Jews’ Exodus from Egypt, and the third time will be this year.

Kabbalah mentions a similar coincidence as being a possible day for the coming of the Messiah.

My Comment: Although I don’t believe in mysticism and calendars, I do agree on such outcomes!

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