An Open Letter To The Leaders Of The G20

Dr. Michael LaitmanAn open letter to the leaders of the G20 in anticipation of their meeting in London on April 2nd

Dear leaders of the G20,

My name is Michael Laitman, I am a professor of Ontology, a PhD in philosophy and Kabbalah, and an MSc in medical bio-cybernetics. I am founder and president of Bnei Baruch, an Israel based international organization with branches all over North America and Canada, Central and South America, and Europe (east and west). On my website,, I teach free, live daily lessons on Kabbalah and spirituality to an audience of approximately two million people worldwide, simultaneously broadcast and translated into 7 languages: English, Spanish, Hebrew, Russian, French, Turkish, and German. I also own Channel 66 on Israel’s Satellite TV provider, YES.

I write to you in sincere concern for the future of the world. The reason I am addressing you is my conviction that you are the only ones who can lead the world to safety, where all people, regardless of religion, race, sex, or nationality can lead a life of peace, health, and sufficiency.

I would like to begin by expressing my deepest respect and admiration for the initiatives you are employing on the national and international level to resolve the multidimensional crisis afflicting us today. As you often state in your speeches, the uniqueness of this crisis lays in its globality. Hence, a global solution is required. Yet, before I present my suggestion for a resolution, I would like to briefly explain what is causing the crisis.

The root of the crisis – the global ego

If we analyze human history, it is evident that humanity has been progressing by the power of the egotistical desire that has grown within us through the ages. As these desires grew, we have developed increasingly sophisticated ways to satisfy them.

However, in the 21st century, the laws of the game have changed. We have shifted from personal development to an integrated system, in which all parts are interdependent. The ego, which has been our motivating force, has become a global ego, connecting all of us in a vicious circle. From the moment we have become a global and integrated system, like any other closed system in nature, our strength and sustainability have become dependent on the mutual responsibility of all members of humanity.

A problem arose: Whilst our relationships have become interconnected, we are still trying to conduct ourselves egotistically, hence the crisis.

The Resolution—Education

The closed system of civilization compels us to recognize the importance of conscious participation of all the citizens of the world. Our interdependency necessitates that we all understand this system and conduct ourselves in consideration of others.

Hence, the solution to the crisis includes a shift of consciousness among all the people in the world. Each person must recognize that, in the global and integrated system of our global village, one’s fate depends on one’s attitude toward others.

Just as we have established an education system that prepares our children for life, we must now establish a global system that explains how people should lead their lives in the new, global world – adhering to the principle, “love thy neighbor as thyself,” shared by all religions. When we begin to establish such a system, we will immediately feel that society’s healing process has begun, since awareness of the laws of the new world will have people relating to each other in an entirely new manner – that of care.

We need not rebuild the economic and political systems, since all other systems will adjust themselves according to our perception of our interconnectedness.

We are faced with a multifaceted, global crisis. Hence, it is global education that we need, to properly respond to the various specific crises.

The Work Plan

Since people are overwhelmingly affected by public opinion, to shift their awareness toward a constructive frame of mind, we must use the power of society to build a new value-system.

With this in mind, I propose taking the steps outlined below:

  • Establish an international apolitical education center that will assemble the renowned scientists in hard sciences and political science from the world over. These experts will develop a variety of explanatory content about the new phase of our world, and will collaborate with the media in circulating their views.
  • Build a task force that will promote plans that enhance social awareness in the global era.
  • Determine that each media outlet will produce programs that inform people of our interconnectedness, at least 30 minutes of which on primetime on a daily basis.
  • Notify each big advertiser that if its commercial has any negative effect on society, it will not be aired on public TV and radio.
  • Additionally, we should start a government-supported campaign that provides eye-opening information of the depth of our interconnectedness.
  • Oblige every school to include in its curriculum references to the newly discovered rules that have been discovered in human society. Alongside that, there should be a daily hour in which students discuss the human relations that should prevail in the global era.
  • Award grants and other financial benefits to works in literature, art, theatre, cinema, and journalism, only by the amount of benefit they bring to society.

You are the leaders of the greatest countries, which can lead the establishment of the global education system that the world so desperately needs today. By so doing, these countries will not only demonstrate their care for humanity, but will also lead it forward.

Sincerely yours,

Michael Laitman

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