Life Is Pushing Us Into A Higher Dimension

laitman_2009-03_4086Something is happening to us that has never happened before: we are developing in a completely new way. In the past, each person developed individually, but today the development is general, occurring as a result of our mutual influence on one another. This is why we are unable to control it in any way! Our egoism, which acts as a barrier between us, does not have any instruments that we can use to sustain it within a system that is absolutely integral.

This would be like forcing an animal to participate in the work of an intelligent system. An animal is incapable of perceiving the higher level of development that suddenly appears before it.

We, too, are looking at the network of connections between people today and we still don’t realize that it is a system of a higher dimension, situated above us. This system belongs to divinity, and everyone within it is absolutely connected to everyone else. Meanwhile, you are unable to understand it, participate in it, and act according to its laws. Therefore, you are left wandering, like a wooden chip in a stormy sea, feeling that you are being thrown from side to side, from one situation to another, and you lack the power to understand what is happening. You are unable to go with the flow of this system, which is a system of forces and universal, mutual connections.

In a few months or half a year, the whole world will look like a stormy sea of thoughts and desires which explodes in one place and then another. However, in reality nothing explodes. It’s as though you bring someone to a factory and he sees all kinds of gears spinning around in confusion and making a rumble. But if a professional comes into the factory, he immediately understands that everything is working perfectly, according to the right program. This is because he understands the system and its laws.

It’s the same with us. However, even the simplest person today has a method that allows him to become part of the system. This is the method of Kabbalah, which reveals the Creator to the creatures.

The network of forces that acts amongst us is now being revealed to us in a negative form, from the opposite side. But using our attitude to it, we can turn it around to face us. This depends on us. This does not mean that we should turn the Creator around. Instead, we should turn ourselves around, from reception to bestowal. Then we will sail wonderfully along the current.

(From the lesson on Rabash’s article,“The Activity of the Greatest of the Nation” on 03.17.2009)

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