There’s a Spiritual Force Within All Of Matter

matterIn the News (translated from Scientists have discovered that mental exercises have a powerful positive effect on the human organism. It turns out that we can do gymnastics without exerting any physical effort.

My Comment: The power of thought (“the Thought of Creation”) lies at the root of all creation. All of creation developed from this thought, including all the particular forces that descended and coarsened, until they became the physical forces of our world. The coarsest of these forces formed a material shell around them.

However, within all of matter, there is a spiritual force which governs it, driving all of matter toward similarity to the Creator, to the quality of bestowal and love.

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  1. I think you may be interested in this blog
    Jeremy Sherr is an Israeli Homoeopath who is in Africa treating AIDS. Homoeopathy is a truly kabbalistic way of healing, where the spiritual force in the matter instigates the healing process.
    Happy Tu Bishvat,
    Camilla Sherr

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