The Financial Crisis Is Turning Countries Into Outlaws Of The Global Government

outlawsIn the News (from The Financial Times): “Governments turn to barter deals as credit to secure food dries up” Countries struggling to secure credit have resorted to barter and secretive government-to-government deals to buy food, with some contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars. In a striking example of how the global financial crisis and high food prices have strained the finances of poor and middle-income nations, countries including Russia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Morocco say they have signed or are discussing inter-government and barter deals to import commodities from rice to vegetable oil.

The revival of these trade practices, used rarely in the past 20 years and usually by nations subject to international embargoes and the old communist bloc, is a result of the countries’ failure to secure trade financing as bank lending has dried up.

My Comment: Now all the countries are becoming like that – outlaws of the global government! Our lack of balance with Nature (the regulator) will affect everything we do. To people’s surprise, anytime a person will start doing something, he’ll find that “nothing’s going right,” that things just “don’t work out” for some reason. Even bartering won’t help: despite every person having something to give to another and something he can receive in return, the barter just won’t go through. Why?

Imagine that you did not comply with one of the laws of physics, or you complied with it, but did so incorrectly. Then, you would find that you always fail at everything you do. This is the state we are in. Indeed, people are acting like children, naively believing that everything will fall into place the way they want it to, rather than by the laws of Nature.

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