Eventually We Will Call Everyone In the World “Our Neighbors”

manTwo questions I received on “neighbors”:

Question: Can we begin to think of all of humanity as our “neighbors” instead of just the Bnei Baruch group? Maybe then our thoughts will make the world change?

My Answer: What you wrote is true: Everyone in the whole world is our “neighbor.” However, right now my “neighbors” are the people I can draw closer to mutually, through our common aspiration for the common goal. In other words, these are my friends in the Kabbalistic group. But gradually, this will come to include the whole world, to the extent that this desire will be revealed in everyone.

Question: What does it mean to pray for my neighbor if I’m the one who is uncorrected?

My Answer: By praying for your neighbor, you develop your connection with him. And to the degree that your prayer is sincere, you will uncover your own egoism. As a result, your prayer will turn into a plea for personal change. This is why in Hebrew the word for “prayer,” Lehitpalel, means “to judge yourself.”

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