Will $100 Billion Make Our Education System Better?

rav-son-and-daughterIn the News (from The New York Times): “Our Greatest National Shame” Our No. 1 priority must be education. That makes the new fiscal stimulus package a landmark, for it allocates more than $100 billion toward education. Education Secretary Arne Duncan argues: “We have to educate our way to a better economy, that’s the only long term way to get there.”

My Comment: It’ll be a real pity if this sum won’t bring any improvement. And chances are – it won’t, because in order to create a new education system, it’s necessary to create the right environment for every student – one that will elicit new, altruistic qualities in them (see the article “The Freedom”). In other words, schools must provide a full day of classes, and the children should only go home in the evening, to spend time with their parents and to sleep. In addition, the interactions among the kids should be organized according to a new, integral program that will teach them how to connect with society and to take every member of society into consideration.

However, in the above case, the money will be spent on the kind of education that turns children into various specialists, whereas the real problem lies in upbringing – how to turn a child into a Human Being.

(The above picture shows me together with my son and daughter.  Both were raised in a Kabbalistic education system and now have successful careers in Kabbalah.)

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  1. A lot of the money is going toward construction for modernizing classrooms and buildings ….

    “We know America can’t out-compete the world tomorrow if our children are being out-educated today,” Obama said. “[This is] an investment that will create jobs building twenty-first century classrooms and libraries and labs for millions of children across America. It will provide funds to train a new generation of math and science teachers, while giving aid to states and school districts to stop teachers from being laid off and education programs from being cut.”

  2. If I had my way with the educational system….
    1. A teacher for every 7-10 students
    2. A structure that does not destroy imagination but enhances
    3. A stable home for all in order to create stable families…
    Many parents are having trouble teaching and being role models for children due to having to work so hard to pay the mortgage. Of course, they could downsize and forgo the 4 bedroom house with three baths and three car garages. And maybe sell that tv and only have (a) computer.

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