Religions are Expressions of Culture, Not Absolute Higher Knowledge

Religions are Expressions of Culture, Not Absolute Higher KnowledgeA Statement: The Chief Rabbi of Great Britain, Jonathan Sacks, wrote a book on “How to Avoid the Clash of Civilizations.” According to Rabbi Sacks, all religions should be recognized as genuine. Of course, fundamentalists anathematized the book, and charged Rabbi Sacks with heresy.

My Opinion: All this happens because people consider religions to be “genuine,” possessing absolute higher knowledge, instead of an expression of culture and peoples’ way of life. Religions were invented by people. There’s no reason to credit them as being anything more than clubs, which people turn to for psychological help in our unstable lives. There’s good in them, but nothing divine or genuine!

Article by Baal HaSulam, “The Essence of Religion and Its Purpose” (note that in this article, when Baal HaSulam says “religion,” he means Kabbalah)


  1. You have to understand that any religious ritual contains tremendous meaning, embedded there by the Kabbalists of various time periods. This meaning is concealed from those who don’t care for it, but is revealed to those who aspire to it. However, throughout history there were never many people like this, whereas the fate of the entire world would at times depend on the proper observance of these Kabbalistic actions. That is why these guidelines were given to the people. Hundreds of thousands of Orthodox observe Kabbalistic actions without even knowing it, and part of this knowledge was also passed on to Christians and Muslims. All of these millions of people observe Kabbalistic actions without even knowing it. And if they were to find out exactly what they are doing and why, they possibly would have been too scared to continue. And then the World’s existence would be in serious jeopardy, since people would not be receiving the sufficient amount of Godly energy, which is directly proportional to the amount of Man that people raise.

  2. All the religions that exist in our world are not real. They are nothing more than cultural traditions. Baal HaSulam writes about genuine religion in his article, “The Essence of Religion and its Purpose.” There he answers three questions: “What is the essence of religion? Is religion’s purpose attained in this world or in the world to come? Is religion intended for the good of the Creator or the good of the creatures?” Further on he explains what genuine religion is, and it’s clear that by the word “religion,” he means Kabbalah. What should this religion lead to? It should lead to the correction of man. How should the correction be realized? It will be realized through the Light that Returns to the Source, called “Torah.”

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