Now Is the Time for Freedom!

Now Is the Time for Freedom!I have received many letters expressing concern about the future…

Our perception of the world depends on our understanding of what’s going on here. If we would understand the Creator’s plan, we will discover happiness, safety and perfection.

Prior to the 21st century, humanity didn’t have any free will! We had no free will in our development as it was automatically driven by our constantly growing egoistic motivation – until it had reached its peak.

Today, our free will is becoming apparent as we have the opportunity to rise above our egoistic nature and no longer depend on it. By realizing this opportunity properly, we will directly – with the least amount of suffering – exit our present nature. Then, we will enter another dimension of the universe, where we will experience a different sensation of life – one that is eternal and perfect.

Our egoistic nature imprisons us; it attempts to absorb everything into itself, and thus remains empty and ultimately dies. And even if we don’t choose the path of conscious transition to the altruistic dimension, nature’s plan will be carried out anyway – just as it has been up to this point – only by the harsh influence of its strict laws.

We are the only intelligent creatures in the universe. Everything was created for us, because only we have the ability to enter the higher dimension. This task is serious and its goal is marvelous. Currently, humanity is in a state that induces a search, which is good, and that is why I’m not afraid, but full of hope.

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New Book in Turkish

New Book in TurkishA Turkish translation of one of my books, From Chaos To Harmony, has been published:

Kaostan Ahenge

Our friend Musa Gul from the Bnei Baruch Turkey group sends his congratulations and raises a L’chaim! to this event.


* Download PDF eBook of the English “From Chaos to Harmony”

Who’s the Judge?

Who’s the Judge?A recent study shows that more than 1 in 100 American adults are behind bars – the highest incarceration rate in the world. Prison-related expenses are six times greater than those relating to the maintenance of universities.

My Response: It looks like there’s only one way out – to change social norms so as to reduce the amount of prisoners. If we can’t make such a correction, then we’ll have to pretend as if everything is okay. However, the evolution of egoism will eventually force us to adjust our civil and criminal codes, and every other code we have as well.

Is there a Higher Court for this?

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