War Will Erase Everything

War Will Erase EverythingStatement: Preparation for war is well underway. Crises in national debts broke out before the first and the second World Wars, and they are accruing again today. Both the United States and Britain are accumulating exterior debts of 2 trillion dollars a year. Such debts cannot be returned, and no one is planning on returning them! So what are they thinking?

If we, however, look at the present actions of western politicians as preparations for a large war, then their actions look rather reasoned and purposeful. Even Norway accumulated a debt of $469 billion for population of 4.6 million, even though there was absolutely no need for it! Besides, 7 billion people living in our planet is way too many! Even if a quarter of them remain, the planet will breathe easier…

My Response: The basis of the world – is egoism, fulfillment. The lack of a method to control it leads the world to war. The evolution of egoism under the influence of Light took place even before the appearance of matter – in “the Four Phases of Direct Light.” This formula is called the “principal four-letter name of the Creator” (HaVaYaH). Any phenomenon in the worlds develops according to it. [Read more →]


ScienceSomething interesting that somebody sent me by e-mail:

The world is comprehended with the aid of science, which doesn’t explain anything, but only registers facts through experience. For instance, science doesn’t explain what the force of gravity is; it describes the phenomenon of gravity itself. The purpose of science – to supply, based on available data, the most precise prediction. It is mistaken to accept descriptions of methods for getting results as scientific explanations. Science – is what works.

The increase in fertility through the use of fertilizers is better than offerings to the god of fertility. However, if studies showed that offerings to the god of fertility are more effective than the use of fertilizers, such offerings would then be recognized by the scientific community as scientific, and would no longer be considered supernatural. The principle of science is that if “something” works, science studies it; and if “something” is unattainable – then there is nothing to talk about.

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Animals – Our Correction Ensures their Best Treatment

Animals - Our Correction Ensures their Best TreatmentQuestion for ML: I want to know whether it is possible to attain knowledge without performing experiments on animals. Is spiritual attainment a substitution for experiments? Why do animals suffer in our world? What is the purpose of this? I really want you to direct me to the sources. I don’t understand why these horrible things happen.

My Answer: It is said that the entire world, with the exception of the person – still, vegetative and animate – ascend and descend according to the person’s actions. Animals – are a part of us, just like the rest of the world, which we incorporate within us. This is what we learn in the method of attaining the universe.

The person’s evolving ego destroys the whole of nature, including the person himself. We need to realize that the ego’s further evolution will destroy us. Kabbalah offers itself as a method for correcting the ego. Only the correction of the person will correct one’s attitude toward oneself, other people, and animals – toward the entire world that surrounds us.

Besides the correction of our properties, the attainment of the Upper World provides all the necessary knowledge about the world – and the need to perform experiments on animals disappears. Moreover, to the extent of humanity’s collective correction, diseases, which are consequences of our ego’s diseases, also disappear – and the need to perform experiments on animals disappears with them.

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