Verifying the Validity of Kabbalah

Verifying the Validity of KabbalahComment for ML: On the one hand, one who has checked out other methods and comes to the method of Kabbalah, discovers that there is no other method for attaining spirituality. On the other hand, Laitman says, rather dogmatically, that there is no other method which can lead a person to spirituality, however, he also says that every person has to verify everything for himself.

My Response:
You’re right. If you tell modern scientists that you possess the one and only true universal wisdom, they won’t even talk to you. This is because modern science, especially over the last century, has come to understand nothing is absolute. Human instruments of attainment are limited, and do not comprehend the complete picture of creation, but only tiny pieces, and therefore any conclusions are impossible. Kabbalah reveals the universe in pieces as well, but as a hologram, where each piece contains the entire universe in itself, on a smaller scale, in the same 10 Sefirot, according to the principle “the particular is equal to the general.”

The process of verifying the validity of doctrines, methods, philosophies and religions – sorting through and comparing them, by a researcher who is subjective and undergoing personal transformations as well – is endless.

Or you can forgo all other doctrines, mysticisms, philosophies and religions of this world and commence an analytical study of Kabbalah, as a scientist-researcher and as a Kabbalist, i.e., attaining the Upper World just as you sense this world. Then you can verify for yourself that you are passing though the same states described in Kabbalistic books and in exactly the same order. Sure, these states could be unpleasant – periods of frustration, apathy, and so on, since you are discovering a robot, an egoist and an animal within yourself, out of which you will then be building a human being. And yet, the order of the development of that human being in you is genuine and verifiable at all times in history. At the same time, you will begin to understand how your consciousness, attainment and perception of the surrounding world depend exclusively on your qualities, and how everything changes as they change. In summary, either the world will keep deteriorating as our ego grows – or we will change ourselves and the world will change for the better!

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Comments About Depression, Seeming Egoistic To Others, And Parenting

Comments about Depression, Seeming Egoistic to Others, and ParentingRequest for ML (from a comment to the post: Violence in Schools on the Rise): Dear Laitman, I think it would be great to add a commentary about how deeply depressed some humans are about living in the world today with some lines about how the future can bring joy and peace to them, especially to the young ones. Thanks Already.

My Response: These days, young people are more depressed than ever before. They see no purpose. They’ve exhausted their desires, having already developed through wealth, power, fame and knowledge, there is nothing left but sex and drugs. Sex will also gradually prove itself as being unfulfilling, and eventually they will even lose their desire for drugs – that’s how empty everything will feel!… And then we will hear the universal outcry of despair, when life will become worse than death, and yet, death will not be an option. This will immediately uncover the opportunity to achieve happiness, eternity and perfection in the qualities of love and giving. [Read more →]