Questions and Answers to Posts in This Blog

Questions and Answers from Posts on This BlogTwo questions I received on my post When Will People Recognize Kabbalah as a Science:

Question #1: Dear Rav Laitman, I made a search of your posts, and found no reference to chaos theory and fractal geometry. In my Kabbalah classes, here in Colorado Springs, and in my reading, Kabbalah and fractals are essentially synonomous. Such terms as “resemblance,” “similarity,” and “equivalence of form” are all applicable to fractals. I am wondering if you have considered this science, discovered by Benoit Mandelbrot in the 1970s, as a model and vehicle to explain Kabbalah?

My Answer: When I started studying Kabbalah in 1979, I ceased my serious scientific studies. Instead, I worked to provide for my family, and I gave everything else exclusively to my Kabbalah studies. My knowledge of other sciences is limited only to the extent necessary for clarifying Kabbalistic principles. If the science is genuine, i.e. if it’s based on practice and experiments, then it is always and in all ways similar to the science of Kabbalah.

Question #2: Do you think increasing availability of information instantly over the Internet and the advent of mobile devices such as the iPhone will increase interest in Kabbalah, and how do you perceive the future of human technology as a vehicle for attainment of the Upper Light?

My Answer: Everything in our world, technology included, is developing for only one purpose: to help humanity correct itself in the most optimal way, either through positive or negative influence, and come to equivalence of form with the Creator. Equivalence of form with the Creator is the purpose of creation. The very existence of our world, and everything developing in it, is only for this one purpose! For instance, thanks to the Internet, we can now study Kabbalah together from every distant corner of the planet, as if we are right next to each other.

A question I received on my post Hyperactive Children – the Result of Evolving Egoism: You talk about ‘Hyperactive’ children and mention the use of Ritalin. I would be interested to know your thoughts on severe ADHD and whether you have seen the actions of such a child without medication? The reason I ask, is that 3 members of my family have been diagnosed with ADHD, but one has it severely. I know there is no right answer here and each person is different to the next. With Ritalin, he can be a very loving and caring person, but without it, he can be suicidal and has come close several times to being sectioned.

My Answer: You’re speaking of an illness, and not the typical hyperactivity that stems from an increased egoism of the new generation, which contains sparks of spirituality, attracting them to discover the Upper World, and as such not letting them be at peace in this world. In your case, the children need proper medical care!