Woman, The World Is Waiting For You!

Woman, the World Is Waiting for You!In honor of International Women’s Day, I was asked what would I say if I had an opportunity to address every woman in the world. Well, this is what I would say: Women, I am in despair from the men… I very much expect you to have seriousness, and understand that you have enormous strength in your hands, and that it is precisely you who can change the world. How? By understanding how the world should function.

Just as you know within how the family should function, how things should be arranged, how everything should function – each thing in its place – the children, the husband, the kitchen, everything. In the same manner, you have the ability and the strength to understand how the world should be arranged and then activate the male part to implement it.

All in all, we are situated in one small house – the whole of humanity is very small, and Earth – our home – is in a very disorganized and disconcerting state. It is very dangerous. I am sure that precisely you, woman, can begin the correction here and force the men to stop these dangerous games.

Women in Kabbalah

Women in KabbalahKabbalah is called “the science of reception” because it leads us to the attainment of eternal happiness, tranquility, serenity, peace, fulfillment, knowledge, and boundless love.

How can we make our lives like this? This is the very question that this method – the science of Kabbalah – should give us a clear answer to, by becoming our teacher and helping us reach this state. It is said that Kabbalah is primarily intended for men. This was, however, only the case in previous generations, which preserved and developed this method in order to bring it to us and make it suitable for use in our time. [Read more →]

A Mother And A Child

A Mother and a ChildQuestion for ML: I just came back from a meeting at school, and it made me see the collapse of the education system even more acutely. What’s your opinion about home schooling? Maybe it’s better to educate children at home, like how it was in the past?

My Answer: Let’s prepare more material for our children together, make games and films that can set them with a good example, provide them with the opportunity to spend time at our centers where they would see good examples, and gain respect for adults being engaged in something special. This is what the education of a person is, and not how studies are taught at school.

Question for ML: When can one start reading the children Kabbalah newspapers? And if they have questions, how would I know what to answer? What kind of material is more suitable?

My Answer: Select whatever is suitable from our materials. You may turn to the women’s department.