Loss of Identity

Loss of IdentityThe liberal system in the West has become its own trap. If, in the past, liberal ideologists believed that there needed to be laws for people, nowadays, in place of morals, laws lack moral boundaries and mechanisms of self-restraint. In a society where rules exist for the sake of rules, and not for the sake of people, there ceases to be any common sense.

In his article, Introduction to the Book of Zohar, Baal HaSulam writes that out of four possibilities – matter, form in matter, form abstracted from matter and essence – a person can only work with matter and form clothed in matter. All of the liberals’ morals, however, are based on abstractions from matter and from a person. Therefore, they cannot be controlled, and like all of our theories, they lead to mistakes that cost us dearly.

This is why the science of Kabbalah only studies concrete (spiritual) forms that clothe into matter (i.e. desires and thoughts). Kabbalah is a science of forms assumed by matter.

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EvolutionThe Earth’s biosystem evolves as a whole, from crisis to crisis. The number of crises over the course of our planet’s history – 20. The intervals between them are getting shorter, forming a decreasing geometric progression with an index of 2.7. First, biological evolution took place, then social evolution.

Biological evolution and its acceleration:
4 billion years ago – life appears,
3 billion years – life exists in the form of unicellular organisms,
500 million years ago – multicellular fauna appears,
350 million years – Paleozoic era,
180 million years – Mesozoic era,
65 million years – Cenozoic era.

Social evolution and its acceleration:
3 million years ago – the first primitive humans appears,
1.5 million years ago – Acheulean culture appears – and it continues for hundreds of thousands of years,
40,000 years ago – man becomes the leader of social evolution,
12,000 years ago – the system reaches a crisis – humans exterminate animals. The crisis was overcome by the transition toward farming and animal husbandry.

Then our civilization appears…