EvolutionThe Earth’s biosystem evolves as a whole, from crisis to crisis. The number of crises over the course of our planet’s history – 20. The intervals between them are getting shorter, forming a decreasing geometric progression with an index of 2.7. First, biological evolution took place, then social evolution.

Biological evolution and its acceleration:
4 billion years ago – life appears,
3 billion years – life exists in the form of unicellular organisms,
500 million years ago – multicellular fauna appears,
350 million years – Paleozoic era,
180 million years – Mesozoic era,
65 million years – Cenozoic era.

Social evolution and its acceleration:
3 million years ago – the first primitive humans appears,
1.5 million years ago – Acheulean culture appears – and it continues for hundreds of thousands of years,
40,000 years ago – man becomes the leader of social evolution,
12,000 years ago – the system reaches a crisis – humans exterminate animals. The crisis was overcome by the transition toward farming and animal husbandry.

Then our civilization appears…

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