My Article on Ynetnews – A Kabbalistic Interpretation of the Economic Crisis

My Article on Ynetnews - A Kabbalistic Interpretation of the Economic CrisisMy article on the ego being the reason behind the global economic crisis was featured today (in Hebrew) on the Ynetnews site. Here’s its translation into English:

A Kabbalistic Interpretation of the Economic Crisis

The ego driving us to increase profits at each other’s expense is in complete contradiction to the balance between nature’s elements, which is vital to nature’s harmonious existence.

The events surrounding the American and global economy prove that this time it’s serious – the global economy is in a deep crisis. What is causing this crazy turbulence and how can the erosion be curbed? Kabbalah provides an explanation along with suggestions for solving the crisis.

Just as with any social system, interdependency is the name of the game. Crises where one element “infects” others and brings the market to the verge of collapse, are part of the signs of economic globalization. This is why we are seeing credit and real estate bubbles in the U.S. bursting and bringing about an infectious collapse of the stock exchange, in banks, companies and hedge funds all over the world.

Having said that, trying to solve economic crises using known models is destined to fail. It turns out that the economic system cannot be controlled or accurately predicted, and that one move in one place of the world causes serious repercussions in other places.

The wisdom of Kabbalah claims that if we understand the laws working on nature and abide by them, we can fortify our understanding of what the future holds, and possibly prevent the next crash. [Read more →]

The Conditions For Correcting The Soul

The Conditions for Correcting the SoulA question I received: Although Baal HaSulam writes that a spiritual person leaves for himself only what he needs to survive and gives the rest to society, for some reason you don’t advise anyone to act this way. Don’t you agree with Baal HaSulam? Or are you afraid that this will scare people off? For instance, even though I myself am in need of money, I’m still scared of this!

My Answer: All our actions must correspond to Nature’s law. Should that be the case, we would feel ourselves as Nature’s integral parts – in the World of Infinity, that is, in the state of eternity and perfection, just like Nature (the Creator) itself.

Kabbalah – the science of the whole of Nature – helps us reach this state not through blows and suffering, but through conscious development. [Read more →]

Kabbalah and Humor

Kabbalah and HumorA question I received: How do Kabbalists feel about humor? Are there any Kabbalistic jokes?

My Answer: In the first year out of the 12 I’ve spent next to Rabash (Kabbalist Baruch Ashlag), I was quite surprised to see how much he loved humor, jokes, wittiness, discoveries, unexpected situations, and unconventional points of view.

Such things are easy for a Kabbalist to relate to, because he always remains young! Why? Because the soul is constantly growing, and a Kabbalist’s spiritual growth makes him feel like a child. Regardless of how it might appear on the outside, a Kabbalist does not become full of himself, but actually becomes simpler than others in this world.

While maintaining a youthful soul, it’s also characteristic for a Kabbalist to undergo a perpetual inner revolution – searching, disagreeing with himself, analyzing, and making decisions above his own self or reason. [Read more →]