It’s All for the Best (But We Can Get to It Faster)

It’s All for the Best (But We Can Get to It Faster)News Stories:
* Food Prices Rising Across the World – Food Crisis Looming
* Bats Perish, and No One Knows Why
* Chinook Salmon Vanish Without a Trace

Apparently, we should get used to these headlines, as we’ll be seeing more and more of them, coming from all directions. Only then we will understand that there are no direct methods that can stop or even delay this downfall.

The only thing we need to do is balance ourselves with nature. Some say that we need to restore this balance; however the problem is that it had never existed in the first place. While our egoism was still small, this lack of balance wasn’t that dangerous. And even if we wanted to, we could never compensate for it, as we didn’t have any means to do so. [Read more →]

Can Identifying the Chemical Pathways and Brain Structures that Generate Religious Experiences Lead Us to Spirituality?

Can Identifying the Chemical Pathways and Brain Structures that Generate Religious Experiences Lead Us to Spirituality?A letter I received:

Shalom Rav Laitman,

Scientists explain that so called religious experiences, the sensation of spirituality can be explained by neuroscience and the structure of the brain. They are identifying the chemical pathways and brain structures that generate religious experiences.

Sony is building a new technology called, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), which sends a magnetic wave of activity through the brain. Depending on the wave’s frequency, it can either accelerate or suppress processes in the areas it sweeps over. These magnetic waves can generate all kinds of sensations, but the most intriguing one is the religious experience. Tested subjects claim that they met God.

Can Kabbalah ensure us that we will not experience fake sensations of the Creator?

My Answer: It’s impossible. Anything we can do to ourselves can only suppress or arouse sensations within the limits of our egoistic nature. Moreover, anything that is higher or spiritual (the Creator), exists in the qualities of absolute love and bestowal. Therefore, only by attracting the influence from Above – the Upper Light – can we correct our egoism, and turn it into altruism. And furthermore, only to the extent of such a correction within ourselves will we be able to perceive the Upper World, the Creator.

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Effort in Kabbalah (Advanced)

Effort in Kabbalah (Advanced)A letter I received: Dear Michael Laitman, I’ve been studying Kabbalah for about five years, and I’ve become more and more concerned about the fact that I no longer find anything new in the text. I’m wondering whether I need to deepen my understanding of the text. In my heart, I try to constantly pray to get closer to spirituality. I’ve also begun translating The Talmud using the dictionary from the book, The Science of Kabbalah. As I understand it, I’ve strayed from the path. What should I do? Should I apply more effort in my studies?

My Answer: I advise you to start studying regularly with us in our virtual lessons, connected with the virtual group. This will allow you to acquire greater thoughts and desires from uniting with others, and out of such a unity, you will create a vessel. This vessel will be within you. And you’ll start feeling fulfilled in this vessel through understanding the Thought of Creation. [Read more →]