Effort in Kabbalah (Advanced)

Effort in Kabbalah (Advanced)A letter I received: Dear Michael Laitman, I’ve been studying Kabbalah for about five years, and I’ve become more and more concerned about the fact that I no longer find anything new in the text. I’m wondering whether I need to deepen my understanding of the text. In my heart, I try to constantly pray to get closer to spirituality. I’ve also begun translating The Talmud using the dictionary from the book, The Science of Kabbalah. As I understand it, I’ve strayed from the path. What should I do? Should I apply more effort in my studies?

My Answer: I advise you to start studying regularly with us in our virtual lessons, connected with the virtual group. This will allow you to acquire greater thoughts and desires from uniting with others, and out of such a unity, you will create a vessel. This vessel will be within you. And you’ll start feeling fulfilled in this vessel through understanding the Thought of Creation.

Through others, you’ll start having new sensations, as opposed to new knowledge. Reading on your own for five years will get you nowhere. Although many “experts” believe otherwise, the method of Kabbalah lies not in the study of the text, but in the sensuous attainment of what it is expressing, just like you sense your life in this world.

Attainment is precisely what distinguishes the method I’m teaching from other methods (that is, as much as I know what others practice). I teach what I received from my teacher, Rabash (the Kabbalist Baruch Ashlag), during our daily one-on-one studies and talks.

Also, Baal HaSulam and Rabash wrote that Kabbalists of the past would actually pray to forget what they’ve learned, because knowledge would pose an obstacle to direct attainment! In terms of attaining this wisdom, digging through big books (including mine) is not as important as connecting with the group, and together growing a collective desire toward a higher reward: sensing love toward the Creator, toward the qualities of bestowal and love.


  1. Dear Rav: I would like to share with you an anecdote and question from my little girl, Carla María (6 y.o.):
    She has been dealing with the fear of losing me after death (I am an older mom). We were coming home from school and she was sharing her fears with me anxiously, wondering how would she recognize me in next life (I have told her about reincarnation) if both me and her would have another body.
    Trying to calm her down, I only thought about telling her that we were linked through a ray of love and light between her point in the heart and mine. Probably not accurate, I know, dear Rav, but it was working. But I added: “actually, some teachers have told me there is no real separation between you and me, we are made of the same stuff and we are One, but we don’t know it”.
    At that moment, she exclaimed: “Are you saying all this is illusion? Wow, how interesting! Gosh, than what am I doing dressed as a Carla María? I should be dressed like God! Mommy, can you ask that bearded man in Internet of that Kabbalah you study if he knows how does God dress?”
    What would you recommend to tell a 6 years old like this one about death and after that to sooth her fears of losing her mom? And would you have a comment for her about her question to you on how does God dress?
    Thank you for this space to space and get in touch with you. Giselle (Mexico)

  2. thx u very much

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