It’s All for the Best (But We Can Get to It Faster)

It’s All for the Best (But We Can Get to It Faster)News Stories:
* Food Prices Rising Across the World – Food Crisis Looming
* Bats Perish, and No One Knows Why
* Chinook Salmon Vanish Without a Trace

Apparently, we should get used to these headlines, as we’ll be seeing more and more of them, coming from all directions. Only then we will understand that there are no direct methods that can stop or even delay this downfall.

The only thing we need to do is balance ourselves with nature. Some say that we need to restore this balance; however the problem is that it had never existed in the first place. While our egoism was still small, this lack of balance wasn’t that dangerous. And even if we wanted to, we could never compensate for it, as we didn’t have any means to do so.

But today, at the final phase of human development, our egoism causes us the “Plagues of Egypt,” forcing us to exit “Egypt” (our egoism), as was once done by Pharaoh (the ancient Egyptian ruler) himself. It says that it was precisely Pharaoh who brought the people of Israel closer to the Creator by his plagues; otherwise, they would have remained in Egypt forever.

The only problem is that Moses isn’t anywhere to be seen. We would follow Moses, who would show us the way, even though we wouldn’t love him for leading us out of a flourishing nation into the desert… However, I think that we cannot wait for him – we need to go forward on our own.

In other words, life will force us to do this anyway, but it’s best to prevent the “Plagues of Egypt,” by realizing the inevitability of transition to another state – a society of bestowal and love. Just by starting to think in this direction – no matter how repulsive that is to our nature – we attract the Upper Light upon ourselves, which will correct us and show us just how possible and beautiful it really is!


  1. How can we progress without someone of Moses’ level guiding us forward?  We don’t see the Creator’s participation in our daily routine. So who can we turn for answers? The group? Rav? Perhaps if we recognize our egoism and begin to move in the right direction as a group, then the Upper Light will become our guide? Who will guide us through the desert and the disasters that are coming at us so rapidly that we can’t even catch our breath?

  2. What is the opinion of the Kabbalists concerning the supposed “New World Order” being put into place by the governments of this world, wherein a computer chip will be placed inside people’s skin to make them conform–and then the outbreak of martial law? Do you believe that this is a real possibility?

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