A Mother And A Child

A Mother and a ChildQuestion for ML: I just came back from a meeting at school, and it made me see the collapse of the education system even more acutely. What’s your opinion about home schooling? Maybe it’s better to educate children at home, like how it was in the past?

My Answer: Let’s prepare more material for our children together, make games and films that can set them with a good example, provide them with the opportunity to spend time at our centers where they would see good examples, and gain respect for adults being engaged in something special. This is what the education of a person is, and not how studies are taught at school.

Question for ML: When can one start reading the children Kabbalah newspapers? And if they have questions, how would I know what to answer? What kind of material is more suitable?

My Answer: Select whatever is suitable from our materials. You may turn to the women’s department.


  1. (this is for "start a new subject")

    Regarding Israel security and security of our hearts. I like many other lay people and leaders have come full circle of thoughts and intentions of how to correct the Israel/Palestinian situation. First thought was land for peace could work as this shows giving but it did not work many times over so the next phase was strength for respect but ultimately this is a no win situation as well. Does my foe on the left require the use of Chakhmah from the right and how do we give this to him with the purest of intentions that are required without putting to much power into the wrong hands? I see that strength for now works a bit better then love but love ultimately is needed to consume strength but the love is not pure enough from the people to say wisdom over understanding, love over strength is needed from the majority and from my stand point still feels a long way off? I also wonder what I would do if I was born on the other side of the fence will my life starting attributes or maybe in some cosmic way that already has been the case? In South Africa Desmond Tutu taught the people that were imprisoned and tortured to extremes through apartheid and was practiced by the people to truly be free you need to forgive your enemy with all your heart after which these people live side by side with each other.

  2. Thanks be to God for Rav Laitman & all information disseminated through the efforts of Bnei Baruch!

    Have felt totally led from above in finding the Kabbalah teachings that you provide and am only beginning to review the beginner lessons.  The impressions and effects are familiar and liberating.

    Questions (presumably of the ego and on the descent, right?) flow—after attempting to acknowledge and put the faith over the reasoning, a couple persist:

    1)  With all the language symbolizing the spiritual (with profuse male/female symbolism throughout all illustrations that I’ve seen so far), does the Kabbalah start pointing to the physical world such that with certainty it is known that physical females should not participate in the physical male circle—like at congress? 

    My ignorant & immediate impression is that seemingly egoistic tradition requires a misintepretation of the spriritual into physical terms.

    Though physically a female (in this egoistic world), spiritually, I  need a significant amount of correction in receiving as in willing to receive in order to bestow. 

    In the Jewish tradition, I would not expect many traditional women to have been working in the men’s world, as I and many sisters must in the U.S.

    Hoping to continue to correct and of finding an accepting, nurturing community for that growth.

    Thanks, again, & PEACE!

  3. i was also home schooled when i was younger and it is also a great way to get your education.

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