Depression – the Epidemic of the 21st Century

Depression - the Epidemic of the 21st CenturyIf the 20th century was dubbed by psychologists as the century of concerns, the 21st century, which we have barely entered, is already being recognized as the century of depression. People are tired of fearing extremists, terrorists, cataclysms and crises, and are now quietly wallowing in depression.

Each year, up to 200 million workers lose their ability to work due to depression. Moreover, if we add cases that don’t fall within official medicine’s field of vision, then the World Health Organization’s numbers multiply this number by five.

More than half of the pharmacological substances produced in the world today are antidepressants and psychoactive medications.

Depression is the main reason for disability, and is predicted to become the second most severe disease (after cardiovascular) by 2020 (see the World Health Organization’s page on depression).

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  1. What do we do if a haver has depression, bi-polar disorder, ADHD or any other of these psychilogical disorders and is on medication? Does his/her taking of psychoactive medications affect the group?

  2. With reference to Seth’s question, does taking medications for depression, schizophrenia, and dysthymia have any affect on ability
    to learn kabbalism from the group lessons we have on

  3. Yes I want to know the answer to what Mervi has asked too please and also how illness or disease of any kind (given that you say it is an ego problem) is likely to prohibit us from any value in studying Kabbalah (because we have too much ego or something?).

    Would you actually create a category on Diseases or Chronic Illness where both cause and medication can be addressed more specifically. 

  4. I usually hear you talking about materialistic psychology. What is it? Is it behaviorism?

  5. How do anti-depressants effect (inhibit/help) a student of Kabbalah, who feels compelled towards the goal, despite some relief his medication provides?

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