Comments About Depression, Seeming Egoistic To Others, And Parenting

Comments about Depression, Seeming Egoistic to Others, and ParentingRequest for ML (from a comment to the post: Violence in Schools on the Rise): Dear Laitman, I think it would be great to add a commentary about how deeply depressed some humans are about living in the world today with some lines about how the future can bring joy and peace to them, especially to the young ones. Thanks Already.

My Response: These days, young people are more depressed than ever before. They see no purpose. They’ve exhausted their desires, having already developed through wealth, power, fame and knowledge, there is nothing left but sex and drugs. Sex will also gradually prove itself as being unfulfilling, and eventually they will even lose their desire for drugs – that’s how empty everything will feel!… And then we will hear the universal outcry of despair, when life will become worse than death, and yet, death will not be an option. This will immediately uncover the opportunity to achieve happiness, eternity and perfection in the qualities of love and giving.

Question for ML (from a comment on the post: Depression – the Epidemic of the 21st Century): What do we do if a friend in the group has depression, bi-polar disorder, ADHD or any other of these psychological disorders, and is on medication? Does his/her taking of psychoactive medications affect the group?

My Answer: If he becomes completely stable by taking such medications, then moderate doses of Kabbalah will help him, cure him, and bring him to the destination, just like everyone else. This is, however, only on the condition that it won’t be a burden on the group!

Question for ML (from a comment on the post: Kabbalah – the Ancient/New Science): Regarding our spiritual advancement along this method that makes our desires grow more each time, does this also mean that people from the outside will each time see us like more egoistic? Since we are given more egoism to work with, perhaps the rest of the world sees us worse each time… Thanks for the blog, Rodrigo

My Answer: No. They see us through their own eyes, in their own way: They consider your downfalls to be your “stressful days,” and they rationalize your ascents as success in whatever you’re engaged in.

Question for ML (from a comment to the post: Lecture for Women in Honor of International Women’s Day): During the lecture, I asked if my children would be somewhat influenced through my studies. This part of my question got lost in the translation: Even though my children do not study Kabbalah, are they receiving anything through my studies? I know that their points in the heart have to be awakened, but I would love to hear the whole answer please. Thank you, it was a superb lecture.

My Answer: Absolutely, because to them you are like a group, you’re like their teacher. Your thoughts and desires envelop them like waves. Even if you don’t talk about the higher state verbally, they will grow to be sensitive to it.

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    How do I defend myself against evil people that hurt my feelings and constantly bother me? How can I deal with the stress that results from this?

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