Hyperactive Children – the Result of Evolving Egoism

Hyperactive Children - the Result of Evolving EgoismIt’s obvious that there is something special about the children born today: they are especially egoistic, shrewd and intelligent. They want to know “why” they have to do something an adult tells them, and only then do they agree to it, i.e. if they agree at all (usually they don’t!) They’re a completely new generation, with no desire to “succeed” in life, i.e. in our understanding of the term. First they need to prove to themselves that life has meaning. Otherwise, isn’t it better to just escape into drugs, various pleasures, and their own virtual world, rather than put in all sorts of efforts? What’s the point anyway?

We can’t handle them. We can’t restrain their egoism, and we can’t answer their questions. For these reasons, adults use all the means at their disposal to try and tame the new generation – in particular, to tame their hyperactivity. Hyperactivity, however, only seems hyper to adults. It’s quite normal for the new generation.

Many children regularly have permanent damage inflicted upon them through the use of addictive medications, such as Ritalin. These medications cause up to 70 side effects, including suicidal impulses, psychoses and arrhythmia, which parents aren’t warned of beforehand. Such medications are registered as narcotic substances, and are therefore considered as being dangerous drugs. At any rate, the practice of teachers who force parents to prescribe their children with Ritalin, under the fear of their children being expelled from school, is unacceptable. (There is another opinion that Ritalin is not a drug, because it doesn’t cause “withdrawals,” meaning one does not become physically dependent on it.)

Parents themselves can no longer manage their children, and are ready for anything! For example, according to the New York Times, when New York State authorities decided to stop the use of electroshock therapy on problematic children, they were confronted by the parents who insisted that electroshock isn’t actually cruel, that it teaches children to behave.

Kabbalah tells us that we live in a unique transitional period of reevaluating our evolution. In Ancient Babylon, where our evolution began, we made a decision to evolve egoistically. This decision was in spite of Abraham’s advice, who called for humanity’s altruistic evolution. And so we started evolving egoistically, under the influence of egoistic forces. Today, we are discovering that we have come to a dead end. We realize that we have positioned ourselves against Nature (the Creator). Kabbalah, Abraham’s testament, is becoming revealed to the world as a method for a different kind of existence: one that is integral, filled with love, and in balance with Nature. Kabbalah tells us that suffering will force us to accept Abraham’s way of existence, but that we don’t need to suffer. We can change our civilization by recognizing the oncoming global crisis and putting the wisdom of Kabbalah to use.

Are we wise enough to make the right choice?


  1. Hi,

    An interesting idea.  You talk about ‘Hyperactive’ children and mention the use of Ritalin, I would be interested to know your thoughts on severe ADHD and whether you have seen the actions of such a child without medication?  The reason I ask, is that 3 members of my family have been diagnosed with ADHD, but one has it severely.  I know there is no right answer here and each person is different to the next.  With Ritalin, he can be a very loving and caring person, without he can be suicidal and has come close several times to being sectioned.


  2. I dont understand your use of the term "egoistic". And it becomes more confusing to me when used in opposition to the word "altruistic".

    Can you perhaps explain more as to what we did wrong back in Babylon when we decided to go the route that placed us here today – and more importantly how we can fix this problem going forward.



  3. this is such a great post! the kids today do not want the world as it has been known for years, and as it is currently. feeding them drugs in an ever growing strict school environment is clearly not the way to go. they are smarter then the system and unable to care and ‘do’ as they are told – just because… it takes an evolved adult/educator/parent to raise a child into the next generation that will integrate perfectly with Nature, as Abraham taught so many years ago. thank you for reminding us that we need to reach our kids, show them to care. how? using the right books, teacher, environment we become their example, living as the role models that they deserve.

  4. I do not wish to offend you, but your view strikes me as extremely simplified. You fall into generalities with no attention for individuals. People are always individuals, no matter in what era they live.

    I am involved with teenagers a lot and I do not recognize the egoism you mention. On the contrary, I see teenagers who are very much involved in the world around them.

    Please don’t simplify the world around us by giving us views that are not accurate for a whole generation!

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