War Will Erase Everything

War Will Erase EverythingStatement: Preparation for war is well underway. Crises in national debts broke out before the first and the second World Wars, and they are accruing again today. Both the United States and Britain are accumulating exterior debts of 2 trillion dollars a year. Such debts cannot be returned, and no one is planning on returning them! So what are they thinking?

If we, however, look at the present actions of western politicians as preparations for a large war, then their actions look rather reasoned and purposeful. Even Norway accumulated a debt of $469 billion for population of 4.6 million, even though there was absolutely no need for it! Besides, 7 billion people living in our planet is way too many! Even if a quarter of them remain, the planet will breathe easier…

My Response: The basis of the world – is egoism, fulfillment. The lack of a method to control it leads the world to war. The evolution of egoism under the influence of Light took place even before the appearance of matter – in “the Four Phases of Direct Light.” This formula is called the “principal four-letter name of the Creator” (HaVaYaH). Any phenomenon in the worlds develops according to it.

Let us suppose that the Jews had four exiles in the fall from the spiritual. Thus, the current one – is the last. Likewise, there must be four world wars – either we make war on the level of forces, i.e. a war against the forces of egoism (a war of light and dark forces as described in the scrolls of Kumran, etc.), or otherwise, war will take place, not among forces, but in matter, in our world.

Kabbalah proposes beginning these wars among forces, right now, before they descend into our world. The present-day crisis – is not a crisis at all, but the end of the entire history of the past. The era of human egoistic evolution (matter, consumption, religion) has ended, and the Kabbalah era is beginning – not a transition into another social-economic formation, but into a new mode of existence, into a new dimension – from an egoistic connection into an altruistic one. This has been initially predetermined in the law of the evolution of egoistic matter itself.

The lack of knowledge of nature’s true laws leads our world to wars. The lack of understanding of how to bypass the general problem that has appeared as a result of humanity’s egoistic evolution leads to only one solution – war. This is because only after an action like war is it possible to start everything from scratch, anew. However, Kabbalah says that we will nevertheless plummet to the same desperate state, and even faster this time.

To start from scratch, anew – means to completely reconstruct our way of thinking from reception to bestowal, thereby ascending to the higher level of nature. The Light is ready to elevate us. We only need to desire it! How do we impart this to the world?

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  1. Is there any time lenght  for this war ,, like 40 years in the desert? What is the meaning of the 40 years of wondering in the desert means ? One generation or is it the time it takes for our Egoism be controlled or for us to ascend to the different higher levels,, since the Light is always the same and the fault lies within us (egoism that come between the only real thing or truth for us> the Creator and Us)?  
    thank you

  2. Dear  Rav, I can only hope that we reach the world. I always think of our kli when I read about the Yahad in the Qumran scrolls.

  3. Response to Maikel777 or Michael Alea

    What is the meaning of the 40 years of wondering in the desert?
     An ascent of their desires to receive into desires to bestow, from Malchut to Bina. With regard to Malchut, Bina is at a spiritual height referred to as 40.

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