The World Is Inside Us, Not Outside Us

The World Is Inside Us, Not Outside UsIn today’s morning lesson I talked a lot about perception of reality. I recommend watching it, especially the first part [the articles of Shamati].

Shamati article #89 (Feb 4, 2008): wmv video | mp3 audio

It’s hard for us to believe the Kabbalists, when they say that our world is an illusion, because we have never disconnected from it or seen it from outside. We have nothing left to do but either disagree with them, “because it can’t be true,” or to check it on ourselves. However, I see from my teaching experience that a person gradually starts understanding our illusion and the fact that the world can exist only within us.

We know from experience that only by equipping ourselves with certain senses can we perceive something new that we haven’t felt before.

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