World Religions in Crisis

World Religions in CrisisThe Crisis of Buddhism in Japan

“‘Many of us priests share the sense of crisis, and a need to do something to reach out to people,’ said Kosuke Kikkawa, a 37 year old priest. ‘We won’t change Buddha’s teachings, but perhaps we need a different presentation that can touch the feelings of the people today.’

More than 1,200 years after it first arrived from mainland Asia, Buddhism in Japan is in crisis, priests say.

Almost three-quarters of Japan’s population of 120 million are registered as Buddhist, but for many, the only time they enter a temple is to attend a funeral. That has sent many of the country’s 75,000 temples into financial trouble.”

What’s your opinion? Aren’t all of the world’s religions and faiths currently in the same situation?

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  1. Rabbi Laitman,
    There has been a decline in church and religion attendance for many years. Clergy are suffering mental breakdowns because they know they have lied all these years to their followers. The more you learn, the more you disbelieve.
    When I learned how to run everything through my critical thinking filter, I realized that I was a slave to the greatest Master in existence. The master of disaster is “Ignorance.” Hundreds of people through my lifetime have said “I do not want to know your details, even if they would give me 30 more years of a higher quality of life.” Ignorance is not Bliss. It is stupid, pathetic, degrading and destructive to our human society.
    When a religion or group says its numbers are rising, it is because they do not interview those that broke free from the shackles of the lie as promoted by Ignorance himself.

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