Perception of Reality

Perception of RealityQuestion for ML: People identify themselves with their body. Take a human body and an apple. The person eats the apple. The matter of the apple is transferred to the person, and he calls it his “I.” But we see that it’s no more than particles moving through space.

There are an invariable amount of particles in the world that continuously change location, thereby creating an illusion of time progression. Oxygen particles enter my lungs, my blood, my cells – does that make them part of my “I”? The same particles that just yesterday I called “air”?

Where do we start and where do we end?

My Answer: Everything you’re saying doesn’t exist. There is only my desire, a component that senses itself. Within my desire, I feel constant changes. They depict a picture for me, which I call “world.” Within this picture, I sense the existence of what is similar to me, and what is “other”: matter, vegetation, animals… That’s what my desires sense; that’s what I sense.

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