Changing the Future

Changing the FutureQuestion for ML: The Bible is one of the most mysterious books in the world, and people have always looked to find hidden meaning in it. Many believe that the texts of the Old Testament contain hidden information about the entire history of humankind. And supposedly, they find evidence to back up this belief. But if the Sacred Writings really do contain forecasts for the future, is it then inevitable?

My Answer: I wouldn’t say that secrets don’t exist, because they do! However, they exist only for those who are able to discover them ON THEIR OWN. There are no other secrets or tricks of any kind! Nothing just suddenly gets revealed. It has been preplanned for you to discover through your own efforts.

I’ve already talked about some of these discoveries. For instance, in a printed book of Kabbalah, one suddenly starts seeing additional words printed between the words and lines. They weren’t actually printed, but appeared because the reader prepared himself for their revelation. Moreover, they became revealed only to that particular reader… Another instance is that one starts seeing, seemingly with one’s eyes, not a person, but the essence of a person in a form on the animate or vegetative level… Or, instead of seeing people and other objects, like everyone else, you see only the forces controlling them.

Nothing written there is absolute. It simply explains what the future will be like if we don’t interfere with, and moderate, the compelling forces of nature. This is why prophecies seem so frightening. However, through our actions, we can fundamentally change their materialization in our world.

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