How to Change Yourself and What to Change Yourself Into

How to Change Yourself, and What to Change Yourself IntoQuestion for ML: The science of Kabbalah and a very strong desire on my part have helped me come out of difficult crises of my illness (of the endocrine system). Again and again, I am thankful for seeing that bearded man on TV during on another brutal night, in agonizing pain, and all because of my upstairs neighbor’s suggestion. This has saved my life. But how can one who suffers from a physical illness perceive exalted impressions? Maybe there’s some form of relaxation, which prepares the body for such sensations? Where in Kabbalah can one find the part that connects the head and the body? Where is the practical side of it? I can’t imagine that it’s only words and nothing else.

My Answer: The only thing controlling us and our bodies is the Upper Force. If we want to change something, we can only change it by becoming like, or desiring to become like, the Upper Force. By doing so, we replace our state with His. The reason He makes us suffer in our present state is only so that we would ask Him for such a change to happen.

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