Who Needs Israel?

Who Needs Israel?News Story: Recently, Israeli representatives in the UN discovered a map on the official UN site, showing Lebanon bordering the state of Palestine. “The mistake” was corrected, but the map reappeared on the site only a few days later as a result of “a technical issue.” Israeli diplomats in the UN say that they are constantly forced to defend Israel’s right to exist, and this incident with the map of Palestine is by far not the only one.

My Response: The world feels that Israel and the Jews don’t need to exist; that they are a source of tension. Besides Israel, no other nation in the world asks about the purpose of its existence. As a carrier of the method of correction, Israel has the right to exist only if it fulfills its mission: to disclose Kabbalah to the world.

The “Introduction to the Book of Zohar” (item 70) says that if the Jews do not fulfill their mission, then the whole world will not only see them as unnecessary, but also harmful, and that everybody would be better off without them. The world’s explicit and closeted support of Nazis is clear proof of this. It stems from the egoistic nature of every single person.

Israel can prove its need to exist and its usefulness to the world only through the spreading of Kabbalah – the method for improving the world. Then Israel won’t need to defend its right to exist before anyone, not even UN officials!


  1. Interesting.  I must diagree with the point about closeted support for the nazis.  The world in general have given much more support to Israel than they ever have to  Nazis. 

  2. At the end they have support because the Holocaust was an scandal, but the first years the nazis have the support from their community, the neighbour countries and even the Vatican was silent. Everybody knew what was happening to the Jews but they were mute.

  3. “..Kabbalah-the method for improving the World”
    Ths Method for perfecting the World through Absolute Altruistic Love.By connecting with the Creator,Nature,Unbounded Love and Bestowal.
    Israel must embrace Kabbalah and disseminate it if Israel wants to survive and be recognized and the right of her existence as a Nation be justified.
    By accepting and disseminating Kabbalah Israel will be loved by all Nations and will be protected and will be established on a firm spiritual basis and on the Rock, Kabbalah not on the sand,  secularity!!

  4. But we have to understand – that we need each other
    in order to live together in harmony, like in nature…peace and peace…

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