Why Kabbalah Disgusts Us

Why Kabbalah Disgusts UsKabbalah contradicts humans. This isn’t because it’s from a foreign nation or ancient civilization, and not because it’s mysterious or even antireligious… Kabbalah contradicts human nature, because human nature is egoistic. No single person will find anything more despicable than this method, which talks about the need to love others. Moreover, Kabbalah asserts that nobody can escape these changes within us either, because Nature (the Creator) makes our ongoing existence in egoism more painful with every passing minute. Even if it seems like we’ve managed to hide from the relentless law of development, which evolves us from egoism to altruism, Nature will still force us to achieve correction: either through suffering, or through our deliberate attraction of the force of correction. We feel this instinctively, which is why we resist it. And if someone doesn’t resist, it’s because he doesn’t yet know what he’s in for!

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  1. My dear Rav,

    Can you please explain why one would feel drawn by the Wisdom of Kabbalah and not the resistance you speak of here?  Is this just ignorance?  I feel it’s desperation and yearning.  I’m not saying there is zero resistance, but I feel there’s a magnet and I’m the metal it pulls.   I’m thankful  for  your worry.  I feel it too.

    I heard a joke about a professor who gave an exam question about the difference between ignorance and apathy.  The professor had to give an A+ to a student who simply wrote: "I don’t know and I don’t care".

    The point here is we, working in Kabbalah, DO care.  If we are ignorant, we pray that we are not apathetic or passing everything off, but we believe in responsibility within this orchestration in order to become raised to the level of Man.



  2.  I thought existance in egoism is only a shadow of a far removed reflection of the Creator so the Creator is not in actual fact "making misery" …it’s our inability to sense correctly right? What I sense as struggle is the fact that I cannot rely on most of my perceptions to navigate to the truth, yet I’m required to move forward. Sigh

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