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537Question: In corporeal sensation, why is a day divided into 24 hours, a year into 365 days, etc.?

Answer: This is a consequence of spiritual states in our world. We perceive everything this way because we do not control our corporeal states. But as soon as we begin to control them, time disappears and we become its creators.

Comment: People have always dreamed of time travel.

My Response: So what is the problem? There is no problem because it all exists in a single, common whole. Depending on your state, you are at one level or at the other.

In spirituality, you move along the timeline back and forth, choosing what you want. If you need it to move forward and promote others, that, like everything else, is available.

A Kabbalist always tries to be at the highest possible level and to constantly advance and ascend. But in order to connect with others, to help others, he creates an additional image of himself, just as an adult lowers himself to the level of a small child, in order to play with him.

Then, by creating his own small image, he comes into contact with ordinary people, communicates with them, teaches them, and slowly invites them to rise independently. But at the same time, he himself is still at the highest possible level and is constantly trying to improve it.

Comment: That means there is no other reason for him to descend if not to help others.

My Response: A Kabbalist does not actually descend, as he only wants to ascend. But for the sake of others, he makes for himself, so to speak, an additional Partzuf, i.e., an additional system, like a mother, playing with a child stoops to the level of a little girl to play.

Question: Are such Kabbalists as Baal HaSulam and Rabash present in our current state?

Answer: What for? They did their job and that is it. They are present, but not in such a state that we can contact them.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Time Travel” 9/29/11

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