China: Yesterday They Were Getting Divorced, Today They Are Getting Married

Laitman_506.2Question: There are surprising statistics in China. A huge number of divorces happened while sitting at home due to the coronavirus. Then suddenly, other statistics appeared.

For example, in the city of Wuhan, where it all began, after a long period of complete isolation, the blockade was lifted, and it turned out that people want to marry three, four, five times more than usual. What happened?

Answer: People want a reliable partner because they have become convinced that home is important, and they will have to stay at home who knows when and for how long. They want to have a reliable partner with whom the person can really see himself sitting in such confinement next time because they feel that they are not out of this virus yet.

I feel that this is very important to them. And it doesn’t matter whether or not there will be a virus and when, but there is a need to be with a person who is reliable, good, convenient, simple, easy, with whom you practically do not feel confined.

Question: So it appears that the marriages that are being made now will be stronger?

Answer: Yes. These marriages will be stronger. Because the person felt what it means to be with the one with whom he was. These will be very interesting marriages.

How well they are going to be, I don’t know. But I think that a person, who has lasted a month or two with a family or even without a family, just with a partner in such confinement, already understands what he needs.

Question: So the recipe is, perhaps, not to get divorced, but to imagine that you will be in such a situation with your beloved. You will find yourself one on one; will it be good with that person or not? Is that the right way of thinking?

Answer: Of course, as it is with nature. The virus forces us to be integrally connected: I give to nature and nature gives to me. So it is with my partner: I give to my partner and my partner gives to me.

Question: And then the marriages will be strong?

Answer: Then I’m not afraid of the virus.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 4/13/20

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