Why Unite On The Level Of Earthly Feeling?

laitman_557Question: If we are one hundred percent connected in one system from the point of view of the upper force, which we do not feel perhaps, why do we need to unite on the level of our earthly senses? Maybe it is enough to do this only on the internal level?

Answer: We will not be united with the upper force until we unite on the earthly level. The Creator manages us only from top down and manages us in accordance with our condition.

But as soon as we begin to connect with each other, we immediately acquire equivalence with the Creator, and then we become truly equal and correctly interconnected with Him.

We must reach this state. Then we will begin to feel it as eternal and perfect, we will rise from the level of our world, in which we now exist as animals, to the level of Man (Adam). And the level of Man is already infinite eternal existence. We must reach it.

Question: Sometimes you say that people unite between themselves. And sometimes they unite with the force that connects us. What exactly is this unification?

Answer: Reaching correct, integral, equal, and friendly unification, we reach the state when we can unite with the upper force. It exists exactly in the unity between us.
Form KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/12/20

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