The Force Of Unity Equals The Force Of Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You said that the unity between us will awaken a special force in us that is found above our lives. What is this force, and how can it serve us as a shield or a weapon?

Answer: It is the same force of life that exists in our body when all of its organs operate mutually in general harmony. This is what is called life, and if the organs stop working in balance and harmony with each other, this creates various health problems from the absence of mutual guarantee in the body

When the force that connects the organs in working together is lacking, then the body begins to lose its force of life, until complete death. Death is a state when the person stops understanding others. This means that one organ doesn’t work in harmony with the other organs, and in this instance, the body collapses.

It is exactly in this critical state that the society of Israel is found: One doesn’t understand the other and is not even interested in understanding. Each person thinks that he is right about everything. Last year, the separation reached its peak, but when a mutual threat appears on the horizon, it helps the nation to connect. Thus, I now appeal with this call.

Although the force of unity is essential for our lives in all events, and not only under threat of security, it also will help us correct the economic situation and the health situation, and will get rid of separation in society. The force of connection, the Arvut (Mutual Guarantee), balances and arranges everything in a perfect way and brings you to the feeling that you are in a family.

Thus, if you receive more or less, it won’t be important since it will be under general agreement since in the present situation, it is best for everyone. You will understand that it is the optimal solution for the present moment.
From a “Talk on New Life” 08/12/12

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