From The Initial State To Complete Wholeness

742.03Question: The Creator created us as existence from absence and we were in a perfect state. Now, in order to feel Him again, we have to bring ourselves once again to the feeling that I am no one and nobody, is that true?

Answer: No, it is nothing like that!

We were created by the Creator in a perfect state, and then we were lowered from this state downward. We have lost this perfection so that we will attain it independently now so it will be felt in us 613 times stronger than the wholeness that we were in initially when it was artificially created in us by the Creator.

If we reach this state now as a result of our efforts, we will perceive it in a totally different manner in our feelings, understanding, and thoughts. So the difference between what was and what will be is huge.

An embryo in his mother’s womb, for example, is in a state of absolute pleasure. Nothing pressures him, he feels good and comfortable, he does not think about anything, and everything is done for him by his mother’s body, but this is not a whole state.

So, when a person is born, he begins to develop by himself. We are the same. Once we were in the state of Adam, in the initial primary state of the soul. But it was felt like a very small light, the light of Nefesh, whereas now, we have to attain the state by ourselves. Then we will feel it as the highest and most sublime connection with the Creator in the form of the five lights, NaRaNHY (Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama, Chaya, Yechida), which means on the level of the Creator and not on the level of a small Ubar (embryo).

This is the whole difference between our initial feeling, which was part of us according to the thought of creation when we were as an Ubar and what we have to attain by ourselves because this will be the whole and complete state.

We ascend from the level of a small Ubar who does not feel anything by himself, because he has nothing and he knows nothing, to the level of the Creator, and then we will see, understand, and feel the whole creation.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/8/20

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