See The Mosaic Of The Soul

laitman_963.8Question: If we disagree with what the Creator does with us, how can we deal with such a revelation of the Creator in us?

Answer: Correct yourself to a state of agreement. In principle, nothing changes. Do not expect our world to change! Only your attitude toward it will change if you exert effort. This is the meaning of the “correction of the world.”

It is said that the world acts as it always did. You will change until it is revealed to you as perfect, eternal, infinite, and absolutely corrected. This is our life and our correction.

So decide whether you will correct yourself or not. The world is unchanging. On the contrary, to the measure of your progress, to the measure of your ability to correct yourself, it will be revealed to you as more and more uncorrected so that you compensate for external faults with your internal corrections and see that in fact the world is corrected.

For example, now I see the world uncorrected. I look at a person who sits in front of me, some sleepy guy, constantly rubbing his eyes; I do not like him. If I suddenly discover that this is the closest, most dear person to me, a very warmhearted, special friend, then I begin to see him completely differently. It all depends on my state. There is no other way.

As soon as we discover that all together we are parts of the same soul, no one can be ugly, nasty, and repulsive there! Therefore, I will suddenly begin not only to tolerate everyone, but to love them, not to neglect them, but to attract them.

Imagine, we are all parts of the same soul. Where would you escape to? On the other hand, why “escape”? I need to understand that all these parts are necessary for me. They, complementing each other and being correctly connected, suddenly appear as a mosaic that brings my soul together.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/27/19

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