Manuscripts Do Not Burn

Laitman_120Question: Why did Baal HaSulam burn about 50 of his articles like “The Last Generation,” and “Peace in the World”? What have we lost?

Answer: I cannot say what we have lost. He simply did not finish most of these articles because he was banned from publishing them.

There are many opponents of Kabbalah. Nowadays we also see on the Internet how many ill-wishers we have. But this does not prevent us from disseminating.

At that time, dissemination was impossible. An application was submitted to the British mandate, which was then in charge of the country, and Baal HaSulam was banned from publishing his articles. Therefore, he said: “This is a sure sign that I should not be writing.”

It is a shame, of course, because we lost a massive amount of unique material. However, probably, it should be so. Otherwise, there would be too much material for us and we would not know what to do.

Question: Why do you often say that the burning of manuscripts is also a revelation?

Answer: The fact is that when a Kabbalist writes and then burns the writing, it means this has already been written down in our world, already sounded, read, and passed through the sensation of man. That is, the upper force has realized itself in this person. If it has already been realized in someone, felt by him, then it will be achievable by others. After that, he can burn everything, it doesn’t matter anymore.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 3/10/19

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