The Secret Of The Missing Volumes Of The Book of Zohar

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Book of Zohar, “Amor,” Item 140: Passover is seven days and Sukkoth is seven days. The wholeness of the joy of Sukkoth is one day, Shemini Atzeret. Why aren’t there seven days in Shavuot? After all Shavuot is the time of the giving of the Torah, which is most important, Passover is the right line, Sukkoth is the left line, and Shavuot is the middle line, which includes the two lines, so it should be seven days, more than in them.

Passover, Shavuot, Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashanah, all the festivals and all the days of the year are levels of the spiritual ladder. 6,000 years (the whole period of the correction of the world) is divided into 3 periods, each 2000 years long. When the vessels are revealed: the desires HBD, HGT, NHY, or the worlds of Berya, Yetzira, Asiya.

The souls in these worlds operate by rising together with these worlds to the world of Atzilut. By rising to the world of Atzilut, they attain these special festivals, the Saturdays and the weekdays. So it is about spiritual states, and The Zohar tells us why there are not seven days in Shavuot like in Passover.

We should understand that The Book of Zohar, which we have received is made of separate parts and sections that remained. There are parts where an explanation is cut in the middle and there is nothing afterward. This is all we have left and according to the upper Providence, we don’t need any more.

The authors of The Zohar did much more, they wrote about 100 volumes, everything they put into them they discovered and operated by in the whole system of the souls. Baal HaSulam and Rabash tell us that the sages of the Talmud prepared this system for us that way, so that now the Light operates through it and we are nourished by it and don’t have to precede our spiritual development by a life of sorrow. The authors of The Zohar did the same thing.

Baal HaSulam also wrote many books and burnt them. So what’s the use? The use is in what he put into the system itself. He prepared for us the whole system for correction and so did the authors of The Zohar. Of the whole book of The Zohar, we have received only the commentaries about the Torah, and even that is not whole. The book included much more than that, there was the commentary on the book of the Prophets and the book of Writings, about the whole Bible, but we don’t have it. They wrote these parts and they disappeared because they belonged to the system itself only. We receive it when we discover the system; this is how everything works.

It is the same in a person’s spiritual life, one part immediately goes into the system and another part is revealed. It is the same with our actions, on part is revealed and another is concealed.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/20/12, The Zohar

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