The Trigger For Making The Right Decision

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is now, with the country in such a tense state, that we need to invest maximum efforts in order to understand that all these events are only triggers that are intended to bring us to correct decisions, to mutual guarantee. The main thing is to not return to the same level of separation when tomorrow the firing ceases, but to remain at the same level of concern and mutual thoughts that we feel today. At least not to descend from this degree, then it will already be good.

The recognition does not come immediately. It’s like in an acoustic system: First a wave enters, shakes the system, and a certain period of time is required in order for the system to come to equilibrium and stabilize. Only in the end is a response formed at the exit. The same thing is happening today. We need to accept the state, and go through all the four stages of attainment, the recognition, the comparison, the whole process of development, that at the end we’ll finally understand it and make a decision. It will mean that we got this degree, integrated it within us and will no longer descend from it.

For this, we must go through many internal actions, and mainly go through them consciously. And this is not done quickly and easily. Our role is to help this process by constant dissemination in order to bring everybody to connection, to participation in workshops, to explain in all ways, by any means, where possible. This is the maximum that we can do.

We know that we are doing the right thing if we are acting for the sake of connection. The connection is required for us and not only so that the missile assault would stop. Otherwise, it turns out that we want to neutralize the upper force that pushes us forward. Rather we want to attain the goal to which this war is awakening us. It wants to push us to making the right decision and to advance. So let’s make this decision and advance, and then we’ll see that the threat disappears, resolved in a good way.

We constantly ask ourselves, “What next?” and obviously that further on it will be worse, in half a year, a year. The situation will only exacerbate and the conflict will not stop. So how can we finally resolve this problem? Do we have the opportunity or not?

We see how the upper Providence brings all these problems to us, forcing us to build the enemy before us. There is no decision here other than to first hold onto the goal to which all these calamities bring us. If we reveal the force of mutual guarantee between us, it will fulfill everything, and in our connection, the upper force, the Light, will begin to act. Then we won’t have any problems, and we’ll always have extra strength and will make the right decisions.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/16/12, “Peace in the World”

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