Grab The Lifeline—The Group

Laitman_632.3The main work of a person is to add to the ascent the lack of the greatness of the Creator that he felt previously during the descent. These states are called descents precisely because the greatness of the Creator disappears—there is no Creator between us. We want to add the lack we felt in the descents to the ascent.

It is clear to us that both ascents and descents come from above and do not depend on a person. The only thing that depends on us is how to work with both states, meaning to connect the minus, the lack of the greatness of the Creator within me, to the plus, to the greatness of the Creator, that glows upon us now during the ascent. I myself awaken the lack of the greatness of the Creator, trying to feel, evaluate, measure, and add it to the ascent, to the feeling of the greatness of the Creator that I now receive.

This is the person’s work, everything else comes from above. We need to learn this art of evaluating ascents and descents only with respect to the Creator and not with any other feeling. We need to feel with our whole being the full depth of the separation from the Creator, the absence of His control, and also how this greatness of the Creator fills us in order to work between these two poles.

During the day, we should try to live only according to one parameter: the greatness of the Creator, checking whether it is smaller or greater, disagreeing with its diminution. I constantly check the intensity and character of the greatness of the Creator that fills me so that it will be the only thing that directs me in life.1

My whole life should be examined only with respect to the greatness of the Creator. This is how I check all my words and actions, trying to increasingly feel the greatness of the Creator. It is my only goal; everything else is secondary. Gradually, this whole world loses its importance and I enter another world, another dimension, where I am connected with the upper one.2

The greatness of the Creator is measured by the extent to which it compels me to love my friends. It is written: “From love of the created beings to love of the Creator.” But why should I love the created beings? It is because I want to bring contentment to the Creator. The Creator is the goal; He is the first, and because of Him, I need the love for the created beings, for the friends.

The Creator is the cause, but the implementation is in the group where I must reach love of friends. Therefore, the Creator becomes the means. Once I attain love of friends, I can concentrate on love of the Creator.3

As soon as I feel that there is no longer the Creator amid all my thoughts, I immediately grab the lifeline: the group. Together we undergo ascents and descents as if floating on a raft in a rough sea. One side rises and falls, then the other side, and we maintain the balance between us. Together, we think how to maintain the general balance and try to feel the state of each of us, which is best felt in such an unstable situation. Our life depends on this.

There is a common feeling of the greatness of the Creator in the group, and therefore our ascents and descents become common. Each one invests his part in them so that we would constantly rise. Each one rises and falls rocking our raft on the waves, and so we advance.

This is our game with the Creator: we stand on one side, the Creator on the other side, and the egoism created by Him in the middle. We keep the raft in balance by trying to connect in one heart.

We try to hold onto the Creator in the center of the group so that His greatness would hold us and connect us together. The Creator is in the center of the raft and is playing with us. We are overcoming both external disturbances: the waves of life, underwater rocks, and the internal ones, constantly balancing our common feeling of the greatness of the Creator, keeping Him between us. He must be the first and the last, that is, we receive everything from the Creator and constantly come back to Him in our work.4
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/24/19, To Learn From the Descent in the State of Ascent
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