What Emotions Should We Fill The Group With?

laitman_944Question: Do you have a recommendation of what emotions we should fill the group with?

Answer: Only positive ones. Only with aspiration to the goal. You must set an example for the friends without even speaking about it. They should see by looking at you how much you aspire toward the goal, desire it. With that, you are doing a great service to them and yourself.

The inspiration that you emanate onto them comes back to you and pulls you forward. You multiply your aspiration to the goal 620 times.

If everyone conducted himself this way in the group, you would move forward like a rocket.

The whole science of Kabbalah, the revelation of the spiritual world and the Creator, the exit from our miserable and temporary existence into an eternal and perfect existence—everything is open to you. Take it, use it, and have great fortune in life!
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/18/18

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