What Can You Hold Onto On The Path?

Laitman_120Baal HaSulam, Shamati, article 187, “Choosing Labor”: A trial means that a person cannot decide either way, and it is when one cannot determine the Creator’s will and the will of his teacher.

Although one can work devotedly, one is unable to determine to what extent this devoted work is appropriate or not, that this hard work would be against his teacher’s view, and the view of the Creator.

Question: Is it possible to somehow see that I am working correctly?

Answer: No, because that would be your egoistic reward. If you really are engaged in bestowal, then it is absolutely unimportant for you what consequences your actions have. You just want to know whether you do them correctly.

There is nothing you can do about it. This is a serious system. If you want to be in bestowal, you must rise above yourself and exit yourself. You are given such an opportunity. If not, stay as is.

You can simply learn Kabbalah. This is a source of knowledge, it is a method that explains history, geography, and the interaction of people in the world, the present, and even the future.

I would like all people in the world to acquire the set of knowledge that can be learned from Kabbalah even without engaging in spiritual improvement, but simply studying it like any other science.

Question: A person does not have evidence that he is advancing correctly. Then what should he hold onto?

Answer: Onto nothing. Onto the air, onto the Creator.

Only in a group, when you connect with the friends, work for them, and they for you, you receive what is called Arvut (mutual guarantee), and you can hold onto it.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/25/18

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